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"Software Asset Management (SAM) is a set of best practices for managing and optimizing your organization's software assets, based on proven processes.

Implementing SAM protects your software investments and helps you recognize what you have, where it's running, and if your organization is using your assets efficiently."

The Case for SAM

Consider the following to assess your needs and determine how a SAM program
can help your organization:

Reduce software licensing costs

SAM can help you save when purchasing your licenses, improve relations with your software resellers, and give you an advantage in future negotiations. These benefits and others are possible because a fully implemented SAM plan gives you a better understanding of what types of licenses—and how many—your organization has purchased and deployed, and what you are actually using and therefore need. Should you buy on a per-PC basis, or could you save money through volume licensing? Your SAM plan will provide you with the insights to help you make efficient and effective decisions for the unique needs of your organization.

Manage your risks

A good SAM plan helps you avoid financial penalties and legal costs by ensuring that your licenses are compliant, and helps prevent any potential damage to your reputation that could arise from a lawsuit. SAM can also help you achieve compliance with government regulations that require strict standards of IT governance and controls.

Increased employee satisfaction

A good SAM plan will give your employees the right tools they need to do their jobs. Trouble-free software and IT systems that function as they should will result not only in increased efficiency, but also in better overall employee morale.

Smoother operations

Your entire organization runs better with SAM. Initially, by providing better automation and standardizing processes to help reduce complexity, SAM optimizes your software and IT resources and lets you focus on running your business. Infrastructure Optimization can take your business from a non-managed reactive state to a proactive, optimized, and dynamic state. You also have an added peace of mind by ensuring your software is genuine and not pirated. This provides an extra layer of security and efficiency that pirated software cannot, and which might in fact interrupt your IT systems and overall business.

Reduce / eliminate waste and redundancy

Overlapping, non-integrated, and outdated applications are just harder to manage. SAM gives you the information you need to make the best use of your software assets and to pay only for what you use. Thorough and ongoing reconciliation can reveal software overlap, as well as software that you no longer use and can consequently retire but are still maintaining. SAM therefore enables you to reduce/eliminate maintenance plans and additional fees on software you no longer use.

Flexibility for the future

SAM gives you better insight into your future software needs and provides a scalable foundation for growth. Instead of buying all the newest software and updates available, you’ll be able to decide exactly what software is needed and when you’ll need it. With SAM, you can plan for your future needs now.

What people are saying about the product?

“KeyServer has been indispensible for our software license management. It has helped us efficiently deploy and manage software assets at client sites with thousands of end users.

It is a tool that in my view is one of the very best in software license management. I recommend it highly to any large enterprise that needs to maintain control over their long-term software costs.”

Michael Alves
IBM Global Services

“We love it, it’s easy, and it saves us a ton of money on software. If you run computer labs, you’re wasting time and money if you don’t have K2. We haven’t needed product support as far as I can remember. I’ve been using KeyServer for about eight years, and it has always been trouble-free.”

Chris Jones,
Director of Computing Services
University of Oregon