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What is Sassafras K2?
Sassafras K2 is an award winning hardware and software asset management suite that integrates hardware and software audit information with purchase histories, usage tracking, and active license management to give you comprehensive oversight and control. For each software product, purchase data is consolidated to produce a clear view of the current entitlement position which is then automatically reconciled against management policies, usage, and installation audits. Sassafras Software
How does it work?
Sassafras K2 is a client/server tool. K2 agents will be installed on all endpoints in the network to audit, log usage and control software assets. K2 will provide you the information to optimize your licensing costs by mining usage metrics and utilizing them to eliminate software waste, improve operational efficiency, forecast needs, negotiate more favorable terms, actively enforce license compliance and avoid costly liability risks.
On which operating systems is K2 agent supported?
The Sassafras K2 client agent is supported on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris. The server is supported on Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
What kind of information does the client agent collect?
The client agent collects audit and application usage information. The client agent also enforces compliance. The audit frequency is configurable in the server.
Can the information collected be integrated with other IT tools?
Sassafras K2 database be exported to other corporate databases. Third party reporting tools can be used for reports. Third party authentication servers can be used. Sassafras K2 can be integrated with helpdesk and service management tools.
How much bandwidth does the client agent use?
The K2 agent uses minimal bandwidth. Less than 30KB over an 8 hour period. The client communicates with the server using UDP. The solution can scale up to 50,000+ clients supported by a single server process.
Can the client agent deployment be automated?
The client installer can be customized and a general purpose file deployment tool (e.g. SCCM) can be configured to install or upgrade the K2 client files and settings.
Does Sassafras K2 need a RDBMS?
Sassafras K2 does not need a RDBMS. Sassafras K2 comes with a proprietary database which is optimized for SAM. The audit and usage data can be exported to any RDBMS using an ODBC driver.
What are the hardware requirements for the server?
Server requirements
Do we need to open any ports in the firewall?
Firewall requirements

What people are saying about the product?

“KeyServer has been indispensible for our software license management. It has helped us efficiently deploy and manage software assets at client sites with thousands of end users.

It is a tool that in my view is one of the very best in software license management. I recommend it highly to any large enterprise that needs to maintain control over their long-term software costs.”

Michael Alves
IBM Global Services

“We love it, it’s easy, and it saves us a ton of money on software. If you run computer labs, you’re wasting time and money if you don’t have K2. We haven’t needed product support as far as I can remember. I’ve been using KeyServer for about eight years, and it has always been trouble-free.”

Chris Jones,
Director of Computing Services
University of Oregon