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“Our services fall in two broad categories, the five-step SAM implementation method and the more specialised Microsoft licensing course.”

1. SAM Implementation

Audit installed software and hardware assets

We will audit your entire organization to discover what software you have deployed in your organization and where it is installed. The automated audit will systematically inspect every desktop, portable, virtual computer and server. Detailed audit reports will be available. The audit process is automated to to keep the reports up to date on a periodic basis.

Reconcile audit and proof of ownership

The next step is to take an inventory of the licenses you have purchased. You may be under or over licensed for some software assets. The goal of this step is to discover any software installed or in use within your organization that cannot be traced back to its license. When unlicensed software is discovered, you must decide whether to buy a license or delete the software.

Manage ongoing usage

Use the detailed usage reports to achieve compliance to your vendor licenses and to optimize usage of software assets.

• Determine ownership (department, division, or corporate)
• Manage correctly by type of license
• Who should have access to each product?
• Track computer obsolescence and stop buying software
• Identify waste, reclaim and redistribute
• Predict needs and purchase accordingly

Enforce compliance

Define policies which will be enforced on your network to maintain compliance automatically.

Maintain your SAM

Keep your SAM plan current through frequent spot checks, regularly scheduled automated software audits, and ongoing employee training. Check out usage reports for help in determining areas where you can further improve your return on investment (ROI) through license harvesting and redeployment.

2. Microsoft Licensing Course

Microsoft licensing is immensely complex, often misunderstood and rarely optimized. This course designed to demystify and define the opportunities for your organization within Microsoft's licensing structures.

At Microsoft Licensing course, you'll learn how to answer almost any question you—or someone else in your organization—has about Microsoft licensing, as we identify and dissect Microsoft's licensing documentation and other critical licensing resources. You'll also discover how to save money simply by selecting the right volume licensing plan and timing your purchases wisely.

From open license programs to enterprise agreements, you'll find out which programs are best suited for your operation today and tomorrow. You'll learn the complex licensing rules that govern virtualization with Microsoft software. You'll gain exclusive insights into the software giant's evolving strategies, technologies, products and services. We will provide you with critical licensing resources that can quickly answer your difficult questions. You'll learn fundamental licensing concepts, the rules that govern licensing of key products and a few of the most important exceptions to the rules.

At the completion of this course, you’ll come away with a solid understanding of all licensing types plus:

• How to choose the correct volume licensing plan for your project
• Virtualization opportunities and risks
• Types of subscription licenses
• How to spot gaps in licensing compliance
• Developer licensing
• Unique Microsoft discoverability issues
• Discount basis and tiers
• Mapping volume licensing programs to IT and financial requirements

Although this course has no prerequisites, participants should have some experience with Microsoft licensing.

What people are saying about the product?

“KeyServer has been indispensible for our software license management. It has helped us efficiently deploy and manage software assets at client sites with thousands of end users.

It is a tool that in my view is one of the very best in software license management. I recommend it highly to any large enterprise that needs to maintain control over their long-term software costs.”

Michael Alves
IBM Global Services

“We love it, it’s easy, and it saves us a ton of money on software. If you run computer labs, you’re wasting time and money if you don’t have K2. We haven’t needed product support as far as I can remember. I’ve been using KeyServer for about eight years, and it has always been trouble-free.”

Chris Jones,
Director of Computing Services
University of Oregon